Grizzly MST Brand Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Grizzly, the flagship moist snuff tobacco brand of Memphis-based American Snuff Co., is celebrating 10 years of unprecedented success. Grizzly has become the best-selling smokeless tobacco brand on the U.S. market in 10 short years — something unique to the industry that has never been done before. From its introduction in 2001, Grizzly grown to command 26.7% of the moist smokeless category today. Grizzly accounts for 43.7% volume of all Long Cut Wintergreen, the most popular smokeless in the industry.

Plus, Grizzly has the best-selling Wintergreen Pouches in the industry with 45.1% of all Wintergreen Pouch volume. But the growth story doesn’t end there.
It began in September 2001, when Conwood Company (the former name of American Snuff Co.) tested and launched a new, no-frills, high-quality product with the brand name “Grizzly.” Initially consisting of two styles, Long Cut Wintergreen and Fine Cut Natural – Grizzly was introduced at an everyday-low price and supported with a price-focused message. Through 2006, four subsequent styles — (Long Cut Straight, Long Cut Mint, Long Cut Natural and Fine Cut Wintergreen) were launched and were supported in much the same way. By the end of 2006, Grizzly was the number one price-value brand and the number three share of market moist brand in the U.S.

In 2008, two new items were introduced, Grizzly Snuff and Grizzly Wintergreen Pouches, placed in market with quality cues communicating a new message about Grizzly’s being a premium brand. The new message reflected the change in the primary message from “everyday low price” to more of a focus on the quality, heritage and tobacco expertise found in every can of Grizzly.

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In early 2010 Grizzly introduced metal lids across the entire product line to elevate the brand position, increase brand equity, and retain franchise adult consumers. This packaging transition has helped the Grizzly brand continue its positive market share growth despite tremendous pressure from competitive moist smokeless brands. Today, the moist snuff category is growing at more than 7%, and Grizzly is driving that increase.

Grizzly is now focused on becoming a #1 brand within the Naturals segment. Many would view this as a tall order for a brand like Grizzly that has only been around a short while. But, American Snuff Co. has been in the natural dry snuff business since 1900, so Grizzly’s roots are in Naturals. American Snuff Co. has the know-how and expertise to provide the highest quality and best tasting Natural tobacco products. With a renewed focus on premium quality, heritage, and tobacco expertise, Grizzly Premium Natural is well positioned to better compete and continue strengthening its market position.

American Snuff Co. has been a Memphis-based business for more than a century, first starting operations in 1900. The company is soon to open its state-of-the-art new manufacturing facility in Memphis, constructed in 2011, and has recently expanded operations in Clarksville, Tenn.
Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, Grizzly is leading the way with innovative products that are an integral part of Reynolds American’s total tobacco portfolio.