Pizza Lovers in America

Cheese-Pizza-Pictures-CollectionA national study discovers that four generations of American adults are now consumers of pizza, but not all pizza is created equal.

To understand how today’s customers are changing the marketplace, Smart Flour Foods and the Center for Generational Kinetics conducted a national study titled “Pizza Lovers in America 2015: Unexpected Findings From a Generational Look At Pizza Trends.” The findings of this study revealed that, for the first time in American history, there are four generations of adults shopping, buying and consuming pizza. These four generations include Millennials (Gen Y), Generation X, baby boomers and Traditionalists.

The goal of the research was to understand current consumer attitudes about pizza and uncover emerging trends across restaurants and retailers in the U.S. The study found that 35% of Americans go out for pizza and buy frozen pizza at the store every month. This group was coined the “pizza lovers,” and 1,004 of them were asked questions to determine who they are, how they shop, think and behave, and what motivates their purchasing decisions.

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The study revealed that the pizza lover in America looks quite the opposite from popular perception. A jaw-dropping 63% of pizza lovers in the United States are women! 41% of those women are Millennials and 68% of ALL pizza lovers exercise two or more times per week. So, not only are the majority of pizza lovers women, many of them are young and health conscious as well. To this group, natural ingredients and gluten-free options are very important, with 60% looking to avoid products that contain synthetic hormones, high fructose corn syrup, trans fat and artificial preservatives. The research also determined that Millennials are driving many of today’s pizza trends and inspiring new behavior such as social sharing and turning to the Internet for pizza information.

Shared Jason Dorsey, co-author of the study and Millennial expert, “Understanding the actual makeup of today’s pizza lovers—in particular, the emergence of Millennials—will have a significant effect on every pizza retailer and restaurant. We are excited to deliver research findings that separate fact from fiction and give leaders the insight they need to make the most of changing pizza trends.”

Added Smart Flour Foods VP of Marketing Sameer Shah, “The findings of the study validate our mission as a brand and the products we have brought to the marketplace. Smart Flour Foods offers pizza that delivers great taste, texture and nutrition through the power of ancient grains and natural ingredients. It’s great to continually hear that our pizza is right in line with the priorities of today’s consumer.”

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