MAPCO Benefits From Zenput’s New Task Management Function

MapcoWith new task management capabilities on Zenput’s mobile solution, MAPCO is able to auto-generate tasks for individual district managers or groups of store employees.

MAPCO Express is among businesses using Zenput’s new task-management capabilities for its mobile solution.

Zenput is a provider of mobile operations management for retail, restaurant and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

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By taking photos and automatically routing exceptions on retail execution to employees, Zenput’s platform provides a streamlined approach for franchises, chains and vendors to complete and verify in-store campaigns to ensure brand equity and consistent customer experiences across all stores.

Large chains and franchises find themselves in a never-ending battle to keep all locations true to brand, well stocked and running the most recent promotions. District managers, franchise directors and other field associates are a mobile workforce that traditionally relied on manual processes or disconnected tactics to manage their data. With the new Zenput enhancements, regional and district managers gain the ability to monitor project completion and retail execution across all chain-store locations, reducing time and extra labor for implementing an initiative to days rather than weeks or months.

“We’ve tested several different solutions and apps for in-store operations, but never before did we have the ability to automatically follow up on incomplete projects until now,” said Brian Veasman, director of compliance for MAPCO Express. “With Zenput’s new task-management functionality, we can track campaign completion across hundreds of locations and auto-generate tasks for individual district managers or groups of store employees to complete any unfinished work or address areas that need further attention.”

Zenput provides an application designed for distributed workforces to improve efficiency and retail execution for multi-unit organizations. With the Zenput mobile app, district and store managers can complete tasks by sending photos of finished displays or promotions and automatically assign follow-up tasks to individuals or groups for late or incomplete activity. Distributed workforces use Zenput to share real-time, in-store data, which helps eliminate lags between underperforming sales reports and resolve problems across hundreds or thousands of locations.

“Our mobile-first platform was designed for employees that do most of their work away from a desk, so adding task assignments and workforce project management was the next logical step to enhance the technology for our customers in retail, restaurant and CPG industries,” said Vladik Rikhter, CEO and co-founder of Zenput. “With a few easy taps, regional managers can verify completed projects or automatically assign follow-up activity for exceptions.”