VMR Products Comments On FDA Deeming Rules

vape and cigaretteVMR Products declares portions of FDA’s recent decision regarding electronic cigarette regulations to be common sense, but the company has some qualms with the regulatory process.

On May 5, 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made the decision to extend federal regulatory control to electronic cigarettes.

In response the decision from the FDA, Jan Verleur, CEO & co-founder of VMR Products – a global, independent leader in the vapor technology industry and the makers of V2, a national brand of electronic cigarette and vaporizer products – released the following statement:

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We agree with the commonsense decision to establish a minimum purchase age for electronic cigarettes. V2 was among the first electronic vaporizer companies to advocate for a ban on sales to underage users. Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are not and have never been intended for anyone under the age of 18.

We do disagree, however, with the decision to subject electronic vaporizers to an unnecessarily onerous approval process identical to combustible cigarettes. Current scientific research does not support this all-or-nothing approach, which threatens to eliminate 99% of the electronic vaporizer industry. And, while many electronic vaporizers may look like traditional cigarettes to better simulate the tactile aspect of the smoking experience, there is otherwise no meaningful resemblance between the two product categories.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are not tobacco products. They are inherently technology products. And, similar to other technologies, innovation and a rapid upgrade cycle are critical to ensure ongoing consumer interest. Forcing traditional combustible cigarette regulations on top of the category will only stifle the development of innovative new products and prevent customer access to smoke-free alternatives.

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are groundbreaking technologies that offer enormous potential as an alternative to combustible cigarettes, which are known to be harmful to millions….”

The statement went on to urge legislators to more appropriately recognize “this viable new product category and its value” as they consider future regulatory measures.