Ricker’s ‘Replenish’ Program Plants 11,017 Trees in Indiana

Partners with Arbor Day Foundation and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Ricker’s Replenish, a reduced emission program that reduces Ricker’s customers’ tailpipe emissions, has planted 11,017 trees through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

Recently announced at the Statehouse Bicentennial Tree Dedication, Ricker’s shared this impactful milestone while dedicating 44 trees Ricker’s Replenish planted on the Statehouse lawn. The Replenish program funded and supported this project to celebrate Indiana’s Bicentennial and in hopes to leave a lasting legacy at the Statehouse.

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In addition to the Statehouse project, Replenish planted and continues to plant trees in the Patoka River Watershed. This project is a rehabilitation and reforestation project led by the Arbor Day Foundation in Indiana. The planting areas included 40 impaired areas that were struggling because the forest had been cleared for agricultural purposes. As a result, oxygen was depleted from the waters, allowing little wildlife to survive. The trees planted in this area helped to provide natural filtration in the watershed and increased oxygen levels.

The Replenish program also partners with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful to support its mission to create vibrant public places and to help people and nature thrive. Ricker’s employees have participated and supported many volunteer projects with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful since Replenish launched in May of 2016. Some of these projects include helping to provide greenspaces at Skiles Test Elementary School, restoring a 300-year-old tree in the Springdale Neighborhood, planting the program’s 5,000th tree and 15 more trees at Millersville at Fall Creek Valley Preserve, and more. Between the Arbor Day Foundation and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful Ricker’s Replenish has planted 11,017 trees and counting!

“We are so proud to have been able to implement a program that so closely aligns with our company’s core values of being able to give back to the Indianapolis and Anderson communities. We’ve been so excited to plant more and more trees, and reduce each customer’s emissions,” said Jay Ricker, founder and chairman of Ricker’s. “This program does a lot of good for our customers, our employees and our communities, and we hope to continue this momentum as the program grows.”

Ricker’s recently announced that it will continue the program for at least another two years based on strong results, and customer, employee and community feedback.

Ricker’s customers in the Indianapolis metro area can automatically offset harmful carbon emissions by pumping the same high-quality Ricker’s gasoline at no additional cost or effort. Every time a customer pumps any grade of fuel at Ricker’s, the Replenish program calculates their vehicle’s tailpipe emissions and invests in forestry, tree planting, alternative energy, and other projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Since the program’s launch in May of 2016, Ricker’s Convenience Stores, through the Replenish program, has planted 11,017 trees in Indiana, and has offset over 67,000,000 pounds of carbon through investments in various certified carbon offset projects.