Do you have a handle on your Food Service Category?

Since 1995, DataMax has assisted retailers in effectively managing Food Service offerings, thus, resulting in increased profits and efficiencies. By utilizing Envoy’s Recipe Management functions, we are able to provide retailers the tools to significantly impact the profitability of Food Service by creating products and managing margins down to each ingredient making up the product.  Envoy does the following and much, much, more:

  • Create a food service item that includes all ingredients
  • Managing cost for a recipe down to the individual ingredient
  • Provides alerts for cost increases affecting margins
  • Provide automation for ensuring correct pricing of Food Service items
  • Computer assisted ordering of ingredients                                             
  • Automatically update inventory upon selling of product

How does Envoy v7 differ from my current Food Service processes or my existing back office software’s Recipe Management capabilities?

A true Food Service program is much more than creating Pizzas & making made-to-order sandwiches, etc.  Is it profitable?  Do I have the necessary tools and functions in place to analyze my profitability?  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you create recipes of items to include all ingredients, even if it’s fractional?
  • Are you alerted if an ingredient increases in cost, thus affecting your margin and possibly requiring a price increase?
  • Do you have automated processes in place for cashiers to ring up Food Service items at the correct prices?
  • Do your current practices allow for an automatic reordering of items based on prior sales?
  • Will my inventory update immediately upon the sale of a packaged or made-to-order product?
  • Can I track my margins down to the specific ingredient?
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If you answered no to any of these, then your current Food Service methods may be spoiling your profits!!

How can I learn more about Effective Food Service Management Strategies?

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