Maverik Inc.


There are many common characteristics that comprise Convenience Store Decisions’ Chain of the Year winners. They are retail leaders, innovative marketers, committed to employees and completely driven by a service-first mantra to satisfy their customers.

Maverik Inc. embodies all of these wonderful attributes and much, much more. So it is with great pleasure that Convenience Store Decisions announces Maverik as its 24th annual Convenience Store Chain of the Year award recipient for 2013. The company and its employees will be honored at an invitation-only gala during the NACS Show in Atlanta on Oct 13.

Maverik“Maverik quite simply encompasses everything a convenience store chain should be: innovative, fun, daring, exciting. But what stands out most of all is its unwavering dedication to the customer experience,” said John Lofstock, editor-in-chief and editorial director for The Convenience Store Decisions Group. “Though many companies spend countless hours trying to promote their brand, Maverik has created a unique ‘adventure first’ culture in the community and at the center of this adventure culture is Maverik.”

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Under the direction of Mike Call, Maverik’s Chief Adventure Guide, and Brad Call, vice president of Adventure Culture, the Utah-based chain has created a dynamic brand that intimately connects with customers of the Mountain West.

“We are strong believers of promoting our adventure image through touch marketing where we interact daily with our customers in their own communities,” Brad Call said. “I believe the key for survival for all companies, however, is really knowing the customer, understanding their desires and utilizing deep, sophisticated targeted marketing to reach them. To that end, we have created the most robust app technology and best loyalty program in the industry. We’re good, but not yet great. The future is exciting!”

Today, Maverik fuels adventures in more than 250 locations across 10 western states. It’s known for its premium BonFire foodservice line—made fresh daily in every Maverik store–and extensive line of proprietary products such as Bundles, cinnamon rolls, breakfast sandwiches, burritos, hoagies, Chill Laté, Glacier X Sports Drink, Mt. Mavalanche Frozen Yogurt and more.