Improving Network Uptime


Protecting transactions, critical data transfers and/or optional visibility from outagescover

Store networks can fail for many reasons, from severe weather to telecom breakdowns. Unfortunately, many convenience store companies suffer through those outages because customers in the store can’t make purchases with credit/debit cards. Outages can have a big impact in other areas of the business as well. Accounting data can’t be transferred from the store, staff might not have visibility into tank levels or maintenance alarms, merchandise ordering is affected and more.

As C-store companies reap the benefits of automation as a way of improving the customer experience, lowering operational costs and increasing store revenue, network uptime becomes as vital as electricity for store operations. That alone is a big driver for companies to evaluate their network uptime to see where improvements can be made. Additionally, the file size and transaction processing related to EMV will also change the connectivity landscape. The Improving Network Uptime paper reviews important facts & considerations for multi-site convenience store companies to deal with challenges being faced today and issues that will be very hot next year.

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