Consumer-Centric Vaping

iSmoke_OneHitteriSmoke has introduced iSmoke OneHitter, a small, discrete loose leaf tobacco vaporizer designed to “heat, not burn” tobacco. Perfect for on-the-go adult smokers who are looking for a portable, discrete, and technologically advanced way to vape their loose tobacco. The battery is rechargeable and comes with a cleaning tool set. Additionally, the iSmoke “3-in-1” device combines a premium, top-fill mini clearomizer, loose leaf tobacco vaporizer, and a clearomizer for waxy oils. The iSmoke 3-in-1 provides the one-stop innovation today’s adult smokers and vapers are looking for. The iSmoke Oven is a high-end loose leaf tobacco vaporizer utilizing the latest convection heating technology to provide a superior, smooth vaping experience. Featuring an LED screen, three temperature settings, and a large chamber capable of holding 800-milligrams of tobacco, the iSmoke Oven is for the tech-focused adult smoker. The iSmoke Oven is the perfect extension into the fast-growing “heat-not-burn” segment of the market.

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