Retail Network Design for Operational Value & Security

COVERThe past several years have seen great improvements in automation for convenience stores to improve staff efficiency and lower costs…fuel and accounting automation are two great examples. Recent security issues such as the Target breach and the TLS350 security vulnerability are great reminders that blind adoption of new technologies or capabilities could very well create more problems (and costs) than they solve.

Tom Yemington of Acumera has written a paper that combines business considerations for better security with PCI compliance information and secure network design for better retail operations. It’s a great piece for learning more about the important connection between automation and security or for kicking off an internal meeting about potential security/liability issues that might be part of an outdated network design. Fill the form below to download the full whitepaper… you can also email [email protected] or call 952-368-0018 if you would prefer to discuss any related issues.