7-Eleven Debuts Slurpee Doughnuts

7-eleven-wild-slurpee-donut7-Eleven has turned its beloved Slurpee into a tasty treat.

A new offering from 7-Eleven has transformed the iconic Slurpee beverage into an indulgent treat.

According to a report from The Daily Meal, 7-Eleven has introduced a new wild cherry Slurpee-flavored doughnut to its line of product offerings. This is a non-frozen treat inspired by the brand’s beloved Slurpee drink.

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The new doughnut mimics the Slurpee flavor with an iced cherry doughnut covered with crystal sprinkles, which are intended to suggest the image of the famous Slurpee. The inside of the doughnut is even “speckled with bits of pink,” in an attempt to texturize the image to remind consumers of the Slurpee, The Daily Meal reported.

The Slurpee doughnut is being offered for a limited time, as a part of 7-Eleven’s 50th birthday celebration, and it is being sold for only 99 cents.