Wrigley Shows its Silly Side

Wrigley RND 1 [165356]Wrigley meets Walgreens’ social media challenge, and is now challenging Nestlé in turn.

Walgreens recently issued a challenge on social media for Americans to get Seriously Silly, and Wrigley has stepped up to the challenge, by showing off its comedic side.

Associates at Wrigley’s offices, led by President Casey Keller, got Seriously Silly during a workday. In a new video, Keller confirmed that Wrigley associates are fundraising and wearing their Red Noses to help lift children out of poverty. And, to keep the silliness spreading, Wrigley passed the challenge on to Nestlé. They are challenged to respond by April 13.

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This year marks the second-annual Red Nose Day event in the U.S., and Wrigley’s Starburst and Orbit brands have joined in as official sponsors of Red Nose Day in partnership with Walgreens. The beloved gum and candy are now featured in special in-store displays at Walgreens stores nationwide.

Check out the video here!