Minneapolis Restricts Menthol Tobacco Sales

C-stores in the city must cease menthol tobacco sales.

Minneapolis is set to restrict menthol tobacco, after the Minneapolis City Council approved limiting the sale of menthol tobacco to adult-only tobacco shops and liquor stores.

According to a report in the Star Tribune, the ordinance adds to an existing citywide limit on flavored tobacco sales and will go into effect on Aug. 1, 2018.

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Convenience store owners opposed the move, saying it will hurt businesses. City convenience stores are already facing the flavored tobacco restriction, new paid sick leave requirements and the city’s upcoming $15 minimum wage. The Star Tribune reported that after the vote, convenience store owners in red T-shirts that said “Enough is enough” gathered outside the council chambers to protest the decision.

Council Member Lisa Bender, who co-authored the ordinance, said the restriction was in response to a large call from a “huge number” of community members and organizations.