Total All Channel Beverage and Snack Sales Dip

Nielsen data shows CSDs continue to fall while Monster energy drinks outperform.

All channel dollar sales for the total snack and non-alcoholic beverage categories during the four-week period ending Aug. 12, 2017 were down -1.1%, according to Nielsen data, as reported by Wells Fargo Securities.

Carbonated soft drinks (CSD), excluding-energy drinks, dollar sales were down -2.9% (-2.3% for 12-weeks; +1.1% for 52-weeks) during the four-week period, driven by average equal price growth of +1.9% and equal unit volume declines of -4.7%.

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The energy category was soft, but Monster (MNST) outperformed. Energy category dollar sales growth (ex-Mutant, a CSD) was +2.5% (+1.3% for 12-weeks; -2.7% for 52-weeks). Red Bull sales improved somewhat, up +2.1% for the period (vs. +1.7% for 12-weeks) and MNST energy sales (ex-Mutant) improved from last month’s +5.4% growth, up +7.5% (+4.8% for 12-weeks). Rockstar dollar sales were down -1.9%.

Beer, FMB (Flavored Malt Beverage) and cider dollar sales in the four-week period were largely flat, +0.2% (+0.1% for 12-weeks and -1.0% for 52-weeks).

Salty snacks dollar sales increased +2.2% in the period (+2.3% for 12-weeks) on 0.2% equal unit growth and +2.0% equal unit pricing.