blu Introduces ‘Something Better’ Campaign

Stories and spoofs showcase life with blu.

blu, a pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry, has launched a new U.S. advertising campaign, entitled “Something Better.”

Since its start in 2009, blu has followed an unwavering mission of creating quality products for adult consumers that fit their individual lifestyles. Aligned with its character as a brand that refrains from following the pack, blu’s “Something Better” campaign showcases a world without judgement for those who enjoy vaping, empowering others with inspiring stories from the real faces behind blu.

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“The Something Better Campaign shines a light on real people, who, with blu, have taken great strides in life to become the person they are today,” said Matt Kessler, director brand PR, blu. “Their stories represent everything that blu stands for, and we’re proud to see that our relentless pursuit for innovation, improvement and delivering consumer satisfaction is truly hitting the mark for our fans today.”

To drive the “Something Better” ideal, blu dispels some of the most common misconceptions around the category. Comprised of innovators, renowned fashion designers, emerging musicians, everyday consumers and more, their unique stories of achieving “Something Better” are designed to give adults a better understanding of what life with blu can be like before experiencing it for themselves.

“Something Better” custom content will be curated into STORIES and SPOOFS all of which showcase the narrative behind creators including:

Rochambeau – Inspired by the culture they grew up in, this fashion duo shares their journey to creating a brand that is truly their own, and 100% New York City made. As observers of culture, they refused to be on the sidelines and gave it their all to create something new—something authentic, something progressive, and something better.

Daye Jack – Inspired by those who take creative risks, the “No Data” artist highlights his “Something Better” moment, when he decided to transform his music hobby into a full-time career.

Action Bronson – The former chef turned rapper and Blue Chips 7000 artist offers a comedic twist to dispel myths and rumors on vaping in his true fashion, using comedic spoofs to prove vaping can be something better.

Niykee Heaton – Niykee showcases her “Something Better” story by facing and overcoming challenges in her childhood, inspiring fans to manifest their own dreams into reality. Destined for “Something Better,” she hopes her music will touch people in the same way, she wishes someone reached out to her growing up.

The digital campaign will live on blu’s “Something Better” HUB at as a destination where fans of the brand can experience this content. In the coming months, this HUB will also serve as a place for adult consumers to submit their personal stories so they, too, can celebrate their transformation to something better.