Anheuser-Busch Launches Elevate

New initiative looks to create a better future though commitments to beer, communities, the environment and more.

Anheuser-Busch (A-B) has launched ‘Elevate,’ a new initiative with its craft partners that is about building an even better future for the beer industry.

Elevate is made up of new commitments that consumers, partners and employees care about most:  Beer, Environment, Communities and Industry.

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  • Better Beer: “best consumed by” date coding on all craft beer in 2018 to ensure beer drinkers know when their beer is freshest. It’s a key step that will ensure beer drinkers enjoy the best tasting beer.
  • Better Environment: Each craft partner will receive solar panels to help power their facilities and by 2020, the craft partners will shift to 100% solar and wind renewable electricity while reducing water usage by 20%.
  • Better Communities: A-B is committing to at least $2 million for its craft partners to help organizations of their choice in their communities.
  • Better Industry: Increased focus on education programs to help teach the industry about the importance of paper glassware and presentation, and the huge potential of beer + food experiences to drive.
  • Better Industry: Each craft partner will host open-door quality assurance and safety seminars for craft breweries in our communities to make our industry safer and better

Elevate was created with the guidance of A-B’s Craft Advisory Board, made up of the founders and general managers of the craft breweries.