Cheyenne International Gets New Logo, Website

Branding initiative reflects Cheyenne’s continued commitment to wholesale and retail customers.

Cheyenne International launched its new corporate logo, making this the first change in its visual identity since the company’s inception in 2002.

Using an updated version of the company’s iconic sun, a brighter color and new defined elements, the logo now better reflects the corporate brand today and its dynamic future.

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For over 15 years, Cheyenne International has been changing the game in the tobacco business, offering over a dozen product lines that span many different categories such as filtered cigars, smokeless tobacco, snus and pipe tobacco to name a few. Today, Cheyenne has taken a leap forward with its new branding initiative to reflect its continued commitment to wholesale and retail customers.

“Designing a brand mark that is eye-catching while still preserving our heritage was key to our overall effort,” said Cheyenne’s CEO, David Scott.

The evolution of the brand identity highlights Cheyenne as a powerful and progressive tobacco company that continues to rise in this ever-changing market. The four bands of the rising sun symbolize the four pillars that support the company’s philosophy: Partnership, Quality, Compliance and Success.

In conjunction with the launch of the new logo, Cheyenne International overhauled its website,, to be faster and easier to navigate. It also provides information about important tobacco-related issues that affect the industry.