Beverage and Snack Sales Up

Wells Fargo weighs in on all channel dollar sales in the beverage and snack categories.

Wells Fargo reported that all channel dollar sales for the total snack and non-alcoholic beverage categories were up +3.9% during the four-week period ending Jan. 27, 2018 (vs. +2.9% for 12-weeks), according to Nielsen data.

Total carbonated soft drinks (ex-energy) dollar sales were marginally up +0.1%
(-1.0% for 12-weeks; -1.6% for 52-weeks) during the four period, driven by average equal price growth of +0.4%, almost completely offset by equal unit volume declines of -0.3%.

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Energy category dollar sales growth (ex-Mutant) was +4.7% (+4.5% for 12-weeks; +3.0% for 52-weeks).

Cider dollar sales in the four-week period were up +0.6% (flat for 12-weeks; +0.5% for 52-weeks).

Salty snacks dollar sales increased +4.7% in the period (+3.8% for 12-weeks) on +1.5% equal unit growth and +3.1% equal unit pricing.