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Even with the availability of alternative forms of payment, convenience stores are still predominately cash-run businesses, with cash accounting for 60% of purchases. But having large amounts of cash on hand leaves businesses vulnerable to risks such as internal and external loss or theft. Additionally, outdated and manual cash-handling processes are time-consuming and financially draining.

Fortunately, there’s SafePoint by Loomis—a complete cash management ecosystem that helps convenience stores streamline cash processes, increase security, and save money. SafePoint combines cutting-edge smart safe technology, dedicated IT support, system monitoring, armored transport, and customer service to address every facet of cash management in one comprehensive solution.

The SafePoint Titan family of smart safes (the flagship Titan model, Titan C, and Titan X expansion peripherals) are the most advanced and secure on the market and are built to accommodate the needs of any size business. Flexible system design and remote support capabilities help expedite cash handling, improve accuracy, and minimize downtime or the need for on-site support. Features include a user-friendly interface; built-in tutorials; individual user PINs for total traceability and audit ability of safe activities; and keyless entry.

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In addition to complete cash security, SafePoint customers have total access to their cash data with Loomis Direct. This online customer portal features equipment management capabilities and provides complete visibility of and near real-time access to account information, cash reporting, and tracking information for liabilities, from pickup to delivery.

SafePoint customers also benefit from comprehensive system monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, which help anticipate and solve issues before they happen. This is made possible with integration into SafeSync. This revolutionary platform is capable of supporting up to 100,000 safes with no downtime and 100% issue resolution, and gives Loomis’ dedicated SafePoint IT team a comprehensive, centralized view of the entire SafePoint system to ensure better service.

“Because of real-time connectivity, we can be proactive about service,” says McKay Barnes, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Loomis. “We can see that there is something wrong with a safe, and our technical support team can fi x it, push out updates, or make changes to ensure the system works.”

Finally, when customers choose SafePoint, they gain access to Loomis’ industry expertise and cash management services portfolio, which includes secure armored transport, hundreds of provisional banking partnerships, and dedicated national customer support team.

“SafePoint is a technology-driven one-stop shop for our customers, and we strive to provide service that’s second to none,” says Moises Gonzalez, vice president of product development for SafePoint by Loomis. “It’s about becoming a partner for our customers and letting them know that we will always go above and beyond.”

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Loomis is the industry’s leading provider of cash management and cash optimization systems. Using cutting-edge technology and unmatched service and expertise, we offer convenience stores and other retail businesses the most comprehensive suite of solutions available. Our approach streamlines and automates cash handling at every step of the process, and our products and services are specially designed to cut costs, improve efficiency, boost profitability, and ensure that customers and their cash are always protected.

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