Cumberland Farms Revamps SmartPay Check-Link App

Enhanced app offers new features, including biometric touch ID.

Cumberland Farms has launched a completely redesigned SmartPay Check-Link mobile app with several new enhancements and features. Starting today, mobile app users who upgrade to the new version can earn their way to free select in-store menu items, such as pizza and breakfast sandwiches, via Clubs that reward users with a free menu item for every ten items purchased.

“We have a very large and loyal SmartPay mobile app customer base, and we’re excited for them to upgrade to the newest version,” said Gwen Forman, senior vice president of marketing at Cumberland Farms. “When we launched the SmartPay program five years ago it was one of the most innovative programs of its kind, and remains as such today. There is no other app that saves customers 10 cents on every gallon of fuel, every day. The beauty of SmartPay Check-Link is its simplicity, and our new design further enhances that simplicity with an elegant, intuitive design. We encourage all of our SmartPay card users to switch to the app, and all of our other customers to sign up and enjoy the 10 cents savings and all of the other benefits!”

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While all SmartPay users save 10 cents on every gallon of gas, every day, mobile app users enjoy additional benefits such as a free coffee or fountain beverage for every 50 gallons of gas purchased. In addition, mobile app users receive bonus reward coupons for many popular items. The newest version of SmartPay is the first of many updates that Cumberland Farms plans to roll out in its effort to give customers the latest innovative technology, and includes new features such as a secure biometric touch ID sign-in process, an enhanced store finder and the ability to sign up for SmartPay on the app itself.

In addition, the SmartPay app allows users to:

Track lifetime savings on select in-store food items and gas rewards

Easily pay for fuel and in-store purchases

View in-store deals and promotions

Track fuel rewards progress

Find directions to the nearest Cumberland Farms and check hours of operation

Cumberland Farms operates nearly 600 convenience stores across eight states.