How Nametags Can Change the Game

Nametags can take your customer service level up a notch.

By Tony Huppert

Today, customer service matters more than ever at convenience stores, and the simple act of ensuring all employees wear nametags can help customers feel more connected.

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Nametags have been a point of discussion for my wife Trudy and I for years. As my mother was aging my 11 siblings would say our name as we entered her room or began a conversation with her.

Whenever we would take Trudy’s dad to a family outing we would ask anyone who wanted to talk to him to give their name before they started talking. Some people would be offended and would remark, “He’s known me for years, and he knows who I am.”

Our point was, if our parents were told the name, they didn’t have to spend their thought time on wondering the person’s name and they could spend more on the conversation being discussed.

I was meeting with a doctor’s staff discussing a large billboard I was going to install for them. They asked my advice on an advertising plan. I advised them I always like pictures of employees or the doctor on the billboard. People like to know who’s providing their medical needs. One of the nurses stated, “We don’t even wear name tags because everyone knows us.” My answer to that is “get over yourself.”

Customers have enough of their own issues to think about. Do them a favor and make sure the members of your convenience store team are wearing nametags. It can make your employees easier to approach and help customers feel more comfortable.

It’s a simple thing, but it can bring peace of mind.

Tony Huppert is the CEO of Team Oil Inc., the family-owned and operated Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley, Wis.