Excentus Introduces C-Store Shopper Loyalty Report

C-store shopper loyalty profile data includes information on demographics, behaviors, preferences and what motivates c-store spend.

Excentus, a loyalty marketing and technology firm recently acquired by PDI Software, has released new c-store shopper loyalty data that gives convenience retail operators a clear view into the mindsets and motivations of c-store shoppers, with insights on how to build and keep c-store shopper loyalty, and drive greater in-store sales.

“The C-Store Shopper Profile” examines the interests and behaviors of over 1,000 American consumers through data gathered from a recent Excentus-Ipsos survey. The C-Store Shopper Profile Report provides a holistic view of convenience retailers’ core customers: who they are, what drives them, what they value and most importantly, what drives c-store shopper loyalty to one c-store brand over another. The report also looks at how personalized offers and rewards currencies can incentivize and change shopper behaviors.

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“The convenience retail marketplace is fiercely competitive, and there is no greater advantage you can gain as a c-store operator than understanding your customers and how their behaviors impact your bottom line,” said Brandon Logsdon, president of Excentus. “Our C-Store Shopper Profile provides convenience retailers with a single source of data they can use to improve their business—from attracting more customers into the store, to knowing how best to engage with each member to increase frequency and spend.”

“The C-Store Shopper Profile” provides convenience retailers with insights on:

  • Loyalty shopper demographics that can inform a c-store’s revenue and business strategy, including gender, age, marital status, education, income, and in-store spend
  • The top reasons why customers choose to shop at a specific convenience store
  • The factors that influence shopping behaviors and decisions on where customers shop
  • Incentives convenience retail operators should consider offering, and the platforms through which they should offer them

The data also highlights the role loyalty programs play in motivating shoppers across demographics:

  • 73% of shoppers will shop more frequently (51%) or even exclusively (22%) at the convenience store where they are a loyalty member
  • One out of every two loyalty shoppers (51%) are influenced by their loyalty program to make a purchase in addition to gas. This is slightly higher in males (60%) and people with children (59%)
  • Customers who shop exclusively at the c-store where they are a loyalty member tend to be male (32% versus 11% female), 18-34 (30%) and have children
  • Two out of five loyalty shoppers will spend more than $10 per c-store visit

“Loyalty has become an integral part of the decision-making process for c-store customers, and the convenience retailers who leverage this data into their loyalty program strategy, and create rewards experiences that appeal to their customers’ behaviors and preferences, will be most successful in the years to come,” Logsdon continued.

Download “The C-Store Shopper Profile” to view the full report.

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