9.9% Higher ABV

Sniki-Tiki is set to deliver a higher ABV flavor punch to convenience stores this summer. The new 9.9% ABV tiki-style flavored malt beverage brand from North American Breweries builds on the momentum and growth in higher ABV, ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktails. Sniki-Tiki boasts tropical flavors with the right balance of alcohol and sweetness in 16-ounce, single serve cans. Sniki-Tiki comes in tiki cocktail-inspired flavors: Killer Punch and Scorpion. Killer Punch, a take on the Painkiller cocktail, features sweet pineapple and coconut with a hint of nutmeg and rum. Scorpion is a refreshing zing of orange, pineapple and rum flavors. Both varieties deliver a boozy afternote reminiscent of a spiked rum drink that gets the party started on a hot, summer night. Available in convenience stores nationally wherever higher ABV flavored malt beverages are sold.

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