One of a Kind Taste

Skye Energy Drinks is hitting the convenience shelves with new fervor. The beverage, which has a one of a kind taste, formula and color, began in Europe in 2012. Skye Energy Drinks in regular and sugar free are branded with only one flavor as that is the most appealing to consumers. In over 5,000 taste tests, 97% approved Skye drinks over all others in tests. Pricing for convenience stores will make the Skye products one of the most profitable items on the shelves. In addition to the 8.4-ounce and 12-ounce cans, dedicated stylish refrigerators for stores with limited space are also available. The company also provides specialty-dedicated products for charitable programs, which paves the way for high volume sales. Purest Productz International’s EDU division distributes the product in the U.S. and Canadian.

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