Upgrade Your Coffee Brewing System

Wilbur Curtis Co. has introduced the GemX IntelliFresh Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac. Sitting atop a proud lineage stretching back almost 40 years to the introduction of their famed Gemini Satellite Brewing System, the GemX brewer represents the new pinnacle of Curtis innovation. It combines “brains” and brilliant design elements to power a superior coffee program. The GemX comes fully loaded with cutting edge technologies, and it’s encased in a slender, sophisticated form factor that will turn heads and attract sales. Curtis’s evolutionary FreshTrac technology takes the guesswork out of serving fresh coffee while also streamlining labor. It replaces often distracting audible alarms and mechanical timers with a simple, intuitive and customizable system of three LEDs that glow and flash, letting operators track coffee freshness from across the room. Because over- or under-heating can kill coffee flavor, GemX is also engineered with Curtis’ exclusive IntelliFresh technology, a “gentle” heating system that keeps coffee at its ideal temperature regardless of the volume in the satellite. Options include G3 GemX with its universal control module and easy-to-read, true-green LED display; or G4 GemX with its large 4.3-inch icon-driven interface, onscreen instructions for fast, intuitive training and real-time feedback on the brewing process, and a USB port that lets operators easily transfer recipes from store to store.

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