Better-For-You Sausage Options

Johnsonville is introducing a new Applewood Smoked Chicken Apple Split Sausage for customers seeking a better-for-you sausage option without compromising on flavor. The new naturally smoked chicken sausage has real pieces of apple, about half the fat and calories of a pork sausage, and is the first chicken sausage in Johnsonville’s Smoked Sausage line for foodservice customers. The split format of the Applewood Smoked Chicken Split Sausage is an ideal addition for summer menus, perfect for sandwiches, panini, eggs benedict, and breakfast sandwiches. The pre-split butterflied sausage link allows for more versatility in the kitchen, fits on a variety of bread carriers, and provides a new experience for customers seeking interesting menu offerings. Chicken sausage is a great way to lighten dishes while also offering a satisfying protein that is lower in calories and fat. Being free of gluten and MSG, the Applewood Smoked Chicken Split Sausage also fits the lifestyle choices of today’s consumers. It’s frozen for storage convenience, and available 10 pounds to a case.

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