Compostable Straws

Repurpose is launching the first flexible, single-use Compostable Straws. These bendy straws are strong and durable, so they won’t crack mid-sip. The upcycled straws are also BPA-free, chlorine-free, nontoxic making them a smarter, better choice for you—and for the environment. Unlike traditional plastic drinking straws, which cannot be recycled, Repurpose’s straws are made from 100% compostable materials. The new straws break down in an industrial composter in just 180 days, as do Repurpose’s single-use cups, plates, bowls and utensils. Fewer fossil resources are required to produce Repurpose’s straws than conventional straws, further lowering their overall carbon footprint. Plus they are sold in packaging that is made of 85% recycled materials. Repurpose Compostable Straws have a MSRP of $2.79 for a package of 50 straws.

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