Lavender Latte Becomes the First of Its Kind in the Ready-To-Drink Coffee Category


Black Medicine Iced Coffee is expanding its all-natural product line with launch of a Lavender Latte to complement its existing Iced Coffee, Mocha and Latte items. The lavender flower is increasingly being used as a culinary herb in food and beverages and is known for its floral and spicy aroma. Black Medicine Lavender Latte, which becomes the first of its kind in the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee category, is an all-natural product that is slightly sweetened with organic cane sugar and has 185-milligrams of caffeine (same as existing line) to deliver a potent energy boost. The package design features lavender’s signature purple color and is tied to an overall package redesign of its 9.5-ounce sleek cans this summer to improve on shelf visibility and communication of product line flavors. Brighter colors on Black Medicine’s iconic black can will enable consumers to better identify flavors on shelf, and product names have been moved to the top of the can. Non-GMO designation and caffeine content were added to the front label as well.

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