7-Eleven Raises Funds for Red Cross Ahead of Hurricane Florence

As part of the American Red Cross Disaster Responder program, 7-Eleven invites customers to add $1 to their purchase to assist hurricane Florence survivors.

In its first activation since joining the American Red Cross Disaster Responder program, 7-Eleven, Inc. is raising money to support the relief agency’s efforts as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolina coast.

The convenience retailer is inviting customers to add $1 to their purchase at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide or donate online at https://www.7-eleven.com/hurricane-relief.

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Through its 7-Eleven Cares Foundation, 7-Eleven joined the American Red Cross Disaster Responder program earlier this year. Members of the program include leading corporations that donate a minimum of $250,000 annually to provide the highest level of support to American Red Cross preparedness and relief efforts. Year-round support from 7-Eleven helps ensure the Red Cross can act immediately when disasters occur.

“7-Eleven is a 24/7 business, and the customers and neighborhoods we serve count on us to be open and stocked with the products they need most,” said Chris Tanco, executive vice president and chief operating officer of 7-Eleven Inc. “That is especially true when disaster strikes. 7-Eleven’s stores in the Carolinas and Virginia will strive to be the last to close and first to open to assist people in impacted areas. Likewise, the world looks to the American Red Cross to respond and provide help to people impacted by disasters as quickly as possible. We understand preparedness, and contributions such as ours are critical to their success.”

The National Weather Service is calling Hurricane Florence “the storm of a lifetime.” In preparation, 7-Eleven stores in and near the hurricane evacuation areas brought in extra truckloads of supplies to help residents.

In the past five years (2012-2017), 7-Eleven has provided more than $700,000 in domestic and international support, helping the Red Cross respond to disasters such as hurricanes along the coast, tornadoes in Texas, wildfires in the West and earthquakes overseas. The company has also provided emergency product donations.

“Ongoing financial support from 7-Eleven and other members of the Disaster Responder Program helps create a reliable funding base for disaster relief services, providing food, shelter, emotional support and other essential assistance,” said Red Cross Chief Development Officer Don Herring. “Money donated by the public and members of our Disaster Responder Program is essential to our ability to assist disaster survivors and support the first responders and volunteers who work tirelessly at the scene of a disaster.”

The Red Cross responds to nearly 64,000 disasters annually nationwide, including home fires, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and wildfires. Red Cross services are provided to any person in need at no cost.

To make a gift to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, visit https://www.7-eleven.com/hurricane-relief, donate at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide, visit www.redcross.org, call 1-800-REDCROSS or text REDCROSS to 90999. Donations to Disaster Relief enable the Red Cross to people and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters big and small. To learn more about becoming a Red Cross volunteer, visit www.redcross.org/volunteer.