Chevron Partners with PayPal

Chevron and Texaco customers will be able to pay for gas via PayPal through Chevron’s new mobile app in 2019.

Chevron Products Co., a division of Chevron U.S.A. Inc., has entered into a strategic alliance with PayPal to drive innovation in the fueling experience through mobile payments at the pump at Chevron and Texaco gas stations in the U.S.

Chevron is joining forces with PayPal to deliver an enhanced transaction experience at the pump that offers consumers an option to pay for fuel and car washes with their PayPal account within Chevron’s new mobile application in early 2019.

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Together, Chevron and PayPal are providing consumers a more interactive, dynamic and informative experience while helping reduce the time they spend at the pump.

PayPal helps create simple ways to manage payment transactions and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments. Its open digital payments platform has the potential to give 250 million digitally active PayPal account holders the ability to connect and transact with Chevron and its branded stations via digital channels.

“This strategic collaboration with PayPal is a key milestone in our quest to help create a new fueling experience for consumers,” said Gilson Ribeiro, Chevron’s general manager of marketing in the Americas. “With PayPal’s expertise in the mobile payment space and our experience in retail fueling, we will be able to offer our consumers a more seamless and simpler experience when they choose to fill up with our high-quality Chevron and Texaco branded fuels.”

“Our relationship with Chevron is a great example of how we are collaborating with leaders in different industries to help improve the way consumers transact where and when they are shopping,” said Robert Clarkson, PayPal’s general manager, North America. “We look forward to working closely with Chevron to improve the consumer experience at the pump, but we are also excited to collaborate on future projects that can help improve the way people shop at Chevron and Texaco station convenience stores.”