Coffee-Based Products

NESCAFÉ is set to launch two new ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee-based products in 2019: Cold Whipped Latte and Coffee Protein Smoothies. NESCAFÉ Cold Whipped Latte introduces a third dimension to the indulgent coffee category – “texture.” Unlike other product offerings on the market, this deliciously chilled blend of coffee, creamy milk and indulgent flavors features layers of true barista-inspired froth and foam. Just shake 10+ times to froth the beverage for a perfectly indulgent treat. NESCAFÉ Coffee Protein Smoothies are a plant-based protein coffee smoothie made with real 100% Columbian Arabica coffee, oats and almond butter to reinvent your morning routine. Made with 15 grams of plant protein, these smoothies provide fulfilling and convenient nutrition that gets you going in the morning – all with a non-dairy and no artificial sweetener formula. Cold Whipped Latte is available in single-serve 10-ounce bottles in either Coffee or French Vanilla flavors.  Coffee Protein Smoothie is available in single-serve 11-ounce bottles in either Banana or Mocha flavors.

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