Fairway Market Adds Mobile Checkout Solution

Fairway Market is the latest grocery chain to offer a frictionless mobile checkout experience for customers.

Retailers are increasingly looking for ways to offer customers a frictionless checkout, looking to keep pace with Amazon, which has announced plans to take its Amazon Go business nationwide.

Fairway Market is the latest chain to bring mobile checkout to its stores, which are located across the Tri-State region. It recently partnered with FutureProof Retail (FPR), a developer of mobile self-scanning checkout solutions, to introduce its line-free checkout technology to customers.

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Fairway Market is the first grocer in the area to provide shoppers with a mobile self-scanning checkout option.

FPR’s solution allows shoppers to scan products around the store using the Fairway-branded Mobile Checkout app with the cameras on their mobile phones. For weighted items like produce, olive bar or hot bar, digital scales are available to evaluate the cost by weight. To check out, the customer simply scans the QR checkout code and walks out, skipping the line for the cash register.

“The response to the program at Fairway is wonderful,” said FutureProof CEO Will Hogben. “Like many New Yorkers, Fairway’s customers are known to place a premium on speed and convenience. Giving customers an on-demand checkout option reduces time pressure and allows more time to enjoy the Fairway fooding experience.”

“We’re thrilled to launch our new mobile shopping experience, providing Fairway Market customers with a cutting-edge shopping convenience,” said Mike Penner, director of retail applications and technology. “This continues Fairway’s tradition of offering the best food for our customers in the way that’s most convenient to them. The response from mobile shoppers has been incredibly positive.”