TravelCenters of America Introduces Smart Menu

New Smart Menu allows TravelCenters of America to more efficiently manage the menu while reducing the time and cost involved in updates.

TravelCenters of America partnered with Abierto Networks to develop a Smart Menu solution for TravelCenters of America locations nationwide.

The Smart Menu solution, which has new been implemented, converts any digital menu into a powerful marketing tool. First developed early last year to address evolving food-to-go marketing needs, Smart Menu’s cloud-based platform is currently utilized by thousands of c-store and small footprint cafes across the country executing a range of food & beverage offers.

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“Abierto Networks understood our need to more efficiently manage our menus and reduce the time and cost associated with updating their content,” said Mike Polachek, director of retail stores at TravelCenters of America. “The Smart Menu solution gives us granular, real-time control of our menu boards at every location.”

Execution and performance assets allow all retailers to manage and update their menu offerings remotely, capable of updating product and pricing automatically with a user interface tailored specifically to their menus.

Powered by Abierto’s dynamic content management system, Smart Menu apps provide essential “localization” to support price book integration for price and items specifically available at each location, while preserving a uniform brand image across all locations.

Users can change prices at any location in real time, or schedule them for future updates.

“In the fast-changing world of digital technology, we are proud to be able to partner with leading retailers like TravelCenters of America (TA),” said Abierto Networks President Rick Sales. “Our shared goal is to use new technologies in practical, cost-effective ways that solve real problems and drive foodservice revenue and profits.”