An Agile Mindset Could Be Key for Retail Transformation

An Agile approach can help with product completion times.

A new report from BRP reveals that an agile mindset can make a big difference in a company’s ability to quickly adapt to changes.

With the swift pace of disruption occurring today, retail winners need to accelerate the transformation of their business processes, organization and technology to align with the demands of their customers.

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Adopting an Agile mindset allows organizations to quickly respond to changing customer demands.

The BRP Insights: Agile – The Key to Accelerating your Retail Transformation report provides valuable information on how to employ an Agile mindset and approach within your organization.

“Retailers need to quickly adapt to constantly changing and elevated customer expectations, and traditional approaches to technology and processes are not nimble enough – traditional waterfall approaches deliver last year’s requirements today,” said Ken Morris, principal, BRP. “With an Agile approach, retailers can accelerate project completion times, reduce the associated risks, match today’s requirements and lower costs throughout the lifecycle of the project.”

Agile’s emphasis on continuously gathering customer feedback for inclusion in upcoming functionality allows retailers to ensure they’re always working on the latest and most valuable functionality for the business. Retailers can increase their return on investment while delivering high quality products that meet and exceed customers’ ever-changing demands via Agile’s emphasis on small value-added increments. By implementing an Agile mindset and providing team members with a collaborative environment where they’re empowered to innovate and learn from their mistakes, retailers are taking the right steps towards surviving the retail transformation.

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