Holiday Shoppers Focus Online

Convenience was cited as the top reason for holiday shoppers to look online.

A holiday survey by Quotient Technology Inc. and its popular savings app, finds that customers are looking online for everything from holiday gifts to groceries.

More than 27% of those surveyed said they plan to buy groceries online for their holiday dinners, with 63% saying they plan to shop online or mostly online for holiday gifts.

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And what’s causing the most anxiety this holiday season? The thought of spending too much money.

As people plan to buy their groceries online for delivery or picking up at the store, saving money is definitely top of mind. Per Quotient’s holiday survey, 74% said they will use digital coupons when buying groceries online, compared to 17% who said they won’t use coupons and 9% who plan to use paper coupons. When asked why they use digital coupons for groceries, 69% said, “digital makes it so easy to save.”

“The holiday season is the perfect time to become a savvy shopper by using simple money saving tools and strategies,” said Jeanette Pavini, savings expert with “Groceries are one area where you can save hundreds of dollars by simply buying what is on sale and combining that with coupons from your savings apps, all from your smart phone! Another perk: saving money can reduce your stress this season.”

While the holiday season is a time of joy, it can also come with stress. Spending too much money (38%) is the number one cause of holiday anxiety, according to Quotient’s holiday survey, followed by shopping for the perfect gifts (20%), planning, shopping and cooking holiday dinners (16%), and then socializing with family and friends (14%).

Not surprisingly, shopping online for holiday gifts is a preference for many: 24% said they will only shop online and 39% will mostly shop online. This compares to 15% planning to shop only in-store and 22% expecting to shop mostly in-store.

Convenience (34%) was the No. 1 reason to shop online, followed by 20% who believe they find the best gifts both online and in-store, and 15% who said there’s more choices online. For in-store shoppers,16% enjoy the fun of shopping in-store, and 15% want to touch and feel the products.

Other holiday findings:

Who will shoppers spend the least amount of money on to buy a holiday gift?

More than 16% will spend the least on their friends, and 14% will spend the least on their significant others, brothers and sisters, and co-workers (which all tied for second).

When do shoppers think the best deals are for holiday gifts?

While most respondents cited Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the best days for deals, 27% said smart shopping wins out as a way to get great deals on holiday gifts year-round.

So how are people feeling about the upcoming year? Fifty-two percent said they are more confident about their personal finances than last year, while 25% feel the same confidence level as last year and 23% feeling less confident.

Why? Thirty-one percent said they have good jobs, followed by 21% who already have money saved. Seventeen percent surveyed are buried in student debt.