What’s in Store for Technology in 2019?

IDDBA’s ‘What’s in Store?’ report to be available online.

IDDBA’s new report looks at how grocery operators can use tech to add value.

In 2018, 56% of grocery operators had a fully integrated omnichannel strategy in use for in-store, online, and digital channels. More than 30% were just getting started and 12% did not have plans.

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IDDBA too has integrated a more diverse delivery of What’s in Store, which will be available ONLINE, in January. It’s also leveraging platforms just as experts interviewed for What’s in Store 2019 suggested grocery retailers should use tech platforms to offer:

  • How-to videos
  • Social media posts focusing on building a meal using deli components
  • In-store spotlights on local producers with tasting events, etc.
  • Daily food demos videos
  • Meal planning tools
  • Mobile recipes

IDDBA examines the dairy, deli, and bakery industries to craft What’s in Store for convenience with valuable information and consumer insights.What’s in Store 2019 explores hundreds of findings in the latest edition of the annual trends. Figures can be downloaded for presentation at What’s in Store Online, holding more than 150 downloadable graphs and tables. The full book will be available online in January.

IDDBA members receive a free copy of What’s in Store as part of their membership. Additional copies may be purchased; the price per copy is $99 for members and $399 for nonmembers. For more information: www.iddba.org.