CBD-Infused Coconut Bites

Weller, a pioneer in CBD-infused food and beverage products, has launched of its first product line: CBD Coconut Bites, available in Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Original flavor varieties. Weller is on a mission to bring ground-breaking products to the market that will change the way consumers can access the power of CBD through simple, delicious, functional foods suitable for any occasion. Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., well-known as a hub for innovation and expertise in both natural foods and hemp, Weller is excited to be one of the country’s first clean lineage CBD food companies to emerge during the monumental decision and approval by legislation for the Farm Bill which now legalizes the cultivation of industrial hemp. Delivering a lightly-sweet taste and delightfully-crispy crunch, all three flavors of Weller’s CBD Coconut Bites offer a snacking experience that consumers will crave. Available in single-serving (five bites) and multi-serving (20 bites) packaging, each bite is infused with five milligrams of CBD (cannabidiol) from full-spectrum hemp extract and made with clean, simple and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

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