Times Oil Partners with PriceAdvantage

Times Oil automates and streamlines the fuel pricing process at its convenience stores.

Times Oil has selected PriceAdvantage software and Skyline Products price signs to help optimize fuel prices and automate the fuel pricing process at its locations throughout North and South Carolina.

PriceAdvantage is a fuel price management and price execution software company and division of Skyline Products.

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Utilizing industry exclusive, patented technology, Times Oil will: reduce the time required to determine optimized prices; eliminate manual processes at the store; and automatically post new prices directly to the store POS, pumps and price signs.

To complete the full-loop pricing process, PriceAdvantage will then send Times Oil pricing analysts a notification confirming that the new price was posted correctly.

“The unique technology between our industry-leading fuel price management software and price signs closes the gap between headquarters and the store,” shared Chip Stadjuhar, president and CEO of Skyline Products. “Times Oil is just one of many fuel retailers who recognizes how critical complete price change execution is to successful retail fuel sales. Using this powerful combination of fully-integrated software and signs will help them automate and streamline the fuel pricing process – giving them a competitive advantage.”

PriceAdvantage will help Times Oil quickly determine optimized fuel prices by aggregating critical data – including competitor prices, replacements costs, and historical information. Then, with just one click, Times can push those new prices directly to the store POS, pumps, and price signs – removing store-level delays and errors. Skyline price signs will then send Times’ headquarters automatic confirmation through PriceAdvantage that the price was changed accurately as well as advanced diagnostic data about the health of the sign.

“Everyone knows that relying upon store personnel to update fuel prices is problematic,” shared Lanny Ford, Times Oil director of IT. “A cashier is not going to walk away from a long line of customers to change prices – so it could be hours before he or she has a chance to make those price changes. By using both PriceAdvantage and Skyline signs, we can automate the entire price change process – giving our central office the control and confidence that the correct price was change accurately and on-time.”

In addition to streamlining the fuel pricing process, Skyline’s price signs will help Times Oil attract new customers and achieve a higher ROI on their hardware investment. Unique sign features such as 15-segment fonts, patented aluminum alloy LED hoods, and industry-exclusive feedback technology, will provide greater sign readability, a longer sign lifespan, and more detailed remote troubleshooting data.