January 2019 Issue: Loop Comes Full Circle

Loop Comes Full Circle

With an emphasis on upscale foods, an elegant design and convenience, the California chain is changing the perception of the neighborhood market.

Vintners Distributors has been in the convenience store business for four decades. The industry has evolved immensely during that time as it embraced self-service gasoline, foodservice and alternative fuels. But even those big changes seem to pale in comparison to the monumental shift in consumer demands we are experiencing today.

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Generations Y and Z are leveraging technology to change the way they purchase everything from a breakfast sandwich to an automobile. They want fresh, healthy foods on their schedules, and they want it fast. The younger generation doesn’t just expect great service; they expect to be your partner in return for their loyalty. They want to be dazzled by the experience, regardless of price. And perhaps most importantly, they have the power of social media to let the world know when they are happy with your brand, and when they are not.

Varish Goyal understands these new retailing challenges as well as anyone. Goyal is the president of Fremont, Calif.-based AU Energy, a joint venture between his family’s Vintners Distributors and Shell Oil. Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, his customers include many of the men and women who make the biggest technology companies in the world tick.

To help meet consumer demand, Goyal developed the Loop convenience store chain in Northern California. On a macro level, Loop has what it takes to succeed. Great corners in busy commuter markets. But it separates itself on a micro level. Loop is turning heads with its new kind of convenience store experience. The brand features a host of unique offerings not found in your average convenience store.