NASM Welcomes New Legal Counsel

Al Alfano joins the organization after a rigorous recruitment process by NASM’s Board of Directors.

The National Association of Shell Marketers (NASM) is welcoming Al Alfano of the law firm Bassman, Mitchell and Alfano, Chartered, (Washington, D.C.) to NASM as legal counsel to the association and its members, effective immediately.

Alfano is a distinguished attorney in the petroleum marketing industry and was selected by a search committee of NASM’s Board of Directors following a rigorous recruitment process. Alfano is replacing longtime NASM legal counsel Bill Taylor who retired Dec. 31, 2018.

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Since leaving the Justice Department in 1983, Alfano has devoted his entire practice to representing petroleum marketers, many of whom are branded Shell. His practice covers all aspects of petroleum marketing, including contract preparation and review, counseling marketers on price, PMPA issues, environmental matters, service station purchases and sales, other business issues and litigation.

NASM Board Chair Monty Berhane of Nova Petroleum (Springfield, Va.) has a long working relationship with Alfano and states that “with in-depth knowledge of PMPA and Jobber needs, Al is well equipped and ready to serve and advise our NASM members. Additionally, Al has a wealth of knowledge related to environmental compliance and operator/supplier responsibilities and agreements. Al is also well versed with local, state, and federal laws that govern the jobber industry. We are honored and very fortunate to be adding Al to the NASM team.”

Importantly for NASM petroleum marketer members, Alfano is quite familiar with Shell’s supply and incentive contracts, its branding requirements, and the issues most commonly confronted by Shell marketers throughout the nation. As counsel for PMAA, Al has also stayed abreast of the regulatory matters that affect petroleum marketers, including the RFS, credit card processing and other transactions, labor issues, such as the “joint employer rule,” PCI requirements, and environmental laws and regulations. Alfano has appeared as a speaker at numerous petroleum industry meetings, including SIGMA, PMAA, OPIS-sponsored and other seminars, and various state and regional petroleum associations.

“I appreciate the opportunity to represent an association I have held in such high esteem for such a long time,” Alfano said. “I also feel honored to follow Bill Taylor, who did a great job of representing NASM’s members.”