CBD Sports Water

Puration Inc. has introduced new EVERx CBD Sports Water Bullet Bottles to ring in the new year. EVERx has been undergoing an all around update after reaching over a million dollars in annual sales. The EVERx logo has been refreshed, with patented cannabis extraction partner Kali-Extracts, the EVERx formula has been improved, and with copacker partner Alkame Holdings, and their new state-of-the-art bottling production line, EVERx now has an entirely new bottle. Kiwi Strawberry and Lemon Lime flavors are now available in addition the Original EVERx CBD Infused Sports Water. EVERx has more than twice the CBD of most CBD infused waters on the market. A proprietary technology enables EVERx to suspend more CBD than its competitors and still have a crystal-clear appearance and a refreshing taste.

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