Convenience Stores Top Service Winners

QuikTrip, Wawa and Sheetz top the list for convenience stores in Newsweek’s poll results for 2019.

Newsweek recently examined personal factors in business success—the ways in which many companies nurture their relationships with consumers.

The top three companies in the convenience store channel that offer the best customer service, ranked in order, were QuikTrip, Wawa and Sheetz.

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The publication worked with Statista, the respected global research firm, to collect and analyze data across 141 retail categories. The compiled rankings reveal the best customer-service companies.

The America’s Best Customer Service 2019 ranking is an independent survey from a vast sample of more than 20,000 U.S. customers who have either made a purchase, used a service or gathered information about a product or service in the last three years. Each customer gave their evaluation of several brands: in total 132,954 evaluations have been collected. The brands awarded received on average close to 100 evaluations from customers.

• The survey was conducted on retailers and service providers from 141 categories, providing a broad-spectrum of customer experiences: traditional retail, online as well as service segments. For each category, the most relevant players have been added to the long list according to their reputation, turnover or market share.

− In the brick and mortar categories, only retailers and service providers present in at least two census regions have been included in the list.− In the online categories, only retailers and service providers present mostly online have been included in the list.
− For the retailers and service providers that have an online shop as well as a store network, the core business only has been taken into account

• The evaluation was based on the Net Promoter Score* (50% of the final score) and five evaluation criteria (also 50% of the final score):

1. Quality of communication: measures whether the contact (via e-mail, telephone or face to face) was friendly or polite. 2. Technical competence: measures the quality of information received and whether questions were answered correctly and in sufficient detail. 3. Range of services: measures whether one’s personal expectations and requirements were fulfilled. 4. Customer focus: measures whether a personal concern/requirement was addressed with a tailored/specific solution. 5. Accessibility: measures the availability of customer service in a shop or on a helpline.

The top three brands receiving the highest scores for their category were awarded as America’s Best Customer Service 2019.