Eliminate Insects

Rentokil Steritech, the North American arm of Rentokil Initial, has launched Lumnia, a new environmentally-friendly fly control solution for businesses. Lumnia is the first range of insect light traps in the world to use LED lighting to reduce energy consumption by up to 61% when compared to traps using traditional fluorescent tubes. It offers an effective solution to monitor and control flying insects—reducing the risk of contamination from flying insects and fragmentation of dead pests. It also eliminates flies without the need for a catch tray while also reducing the need for unpleasant clean-up efforts. The Lumnia range includes Lumnia Compact, Lumnia Standard and Lumnia Ultimate. These indoor insect light traps are versatile for both front and back of house applications providing aesthetic flexibility for business needs in both public-facing areas and in high-risk areas found in foodservice operations.
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