Slice & Dice

Vollrath Co. increases productivity in the kitchen with the addition of the upgraded InstaCut 5.1, which can slice, dice, wedge and core everything from limes to onions. With its clean, quick cuts, the manual operating system of the InstaCut 5.1 reduces bruising and raises the overall quality of food presentation—especially with the new serrated blades, which require up to 50% less force than straight blades. The InstaCut 5.1 is three times faster than cutting by hand and increases productivity in any commercial kitchen. The blades never need adjustment and will not corrode. The InstaCut 5.1 comes standard with one pop-in, pop-out blade assembly, but is designed to accommodate additional pop-in, pop-out blade accessories that can be easily changed between dicing, slicing, wedging and coring. These easy-to-use blade assemblies also provide for quick and effortless cleanup. The easy-to-clean, improved pusher block now includes a cleaning tool that is stowed in the pusher block assembly.
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