100-Cal Slim Cans

The 2019 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation has voted Strongbow 100 Cal Slim Cans Product of the Year in the Alcoholic Beverage category, in a competition that surveys 40,000 shoppers to determine the winners in each category. Launched nationally in January 2019, Strongbow 100 Cal Slim Cans are a 12-can variety pack with three 8.5-ounce easy-to-drink flavors containing just 100 calories each. The innovative product and packaging are positioned at the intersection of the growing hard cider (+6.8%), canned wine (+290% CAGR), and hard seltzer (+199%) categories to offer a crisp alternative that will appeal to the growing enthusiasm for wellbeing and light refreshment. The variety pack contains Strongbow’s newest flavor, Dry Pear (Pear Secco), along with the fast-selling Rosé Apple and the ever-popular Original Dry.

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