Food Delivery Bags

Vollrath Co. is introducing of a full line of high-quality food delivery and transport bags that extend delivery range and help provide a restaurant-quality experience for customers at home. Operator friendly with durable, weather resistant design, the new products provide high performing insulation and warmth at a variety of price points and in different styles. In the 3-Series, hot food generates heat in the bag while the insulation helps retain the heat to keep food warm. The next level in the heating bag line, the 5-Series with Heat Pad, features a heat pad that pre-heats the bag and is either unplugged for transport or powered by an optional 12 volt in-car power cord. The styles of the transport bags include: Pizza Bags, Catering Bags with Vinyl Liner, Catering Bags with Removable Liner, Tower Bags and Backpack Bags.

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