7-Eleven Celebrates Pi Day with Pizza Discount


On March 14, also known as National Pi Day, 7-Eleven convenience stores will offer discounted pizzas and pizza slices.

Whole pizzas, available for delivery, will cost $3.14, and slices will cost 50 cents at 7-Eleven stores for one day, March 14.

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Pi Day is an informal holiday to celebrate the mathematical constant π, or pi. The first three digits of pi are 3.14, hence its celebration on March 14, or 3.14.

7-Eleven will use the holiday as a way to introduce new, artisan style pizzas at a discounted price.

The store now offers pizza featuring a hand-tossed-style crust, richer sauce and 25% more cheese. It’s available whole and by the slice, and comes in new flavors like triple cheese, pepperoni and extreme meat.

“Our goal for food is to continually surprise customers with freshness, value and quality,” said Robin Murphy, 7-Eleven fresh food product director. “Our pizza has always been good, but we looked at ways we could make it even better. The reviews have been positive – people can really taste the difference.”

The promotion is also a great way to feature the store’s delivery app and loyalty program.

For pizza delivery, customers can download and place an order through the 7-Eleven’s 7NOW delivery app.

The deal is also available in-store. Customers who visit 7-Eleven stores can scan their 7-Eleven app at checkout, and 7Rewards loyalty program members can purchase slices for just 50 cents.

7Rewards members who purchase a whole pizza in-store will receive 314 7Rewards bonus points when they scan the 7-Eleven app at checkout.

“7NOW takes convenience a step closer to the customer with easy ordering and delivery in approximately 30 minutes or less,” said 7-Eleven Vice President of Marketing and Delivery Raghu Mahadevan. “7Rewards adds value and fun to their shopping experience – with in-app discounts and the ability to earn and redeem points on a wide assortment of in-store products.”