Party Punch

United through a love of music and inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin, Texas, three Millennial-aged college friends, founded BeatBox Beverages in 2013. They set out to create something that could help everyone #PartyBetter. Their own personal Party Punch concoction of vodka, Crystal Light and cranberry juice served in a re-purposed Franzia bag had become a hit at parties. Soon, the “The World’s Tastiest Portable Punch” was born. By 2014, they appeared on Shark Tank with their Party Punch, and gained a $1-million investment from Mark Cuban, one of the biggest investments the show had ever made. With a proven track record, and ongoing mission of creating products that drive incremental profit in high-growth categories—plus a team of industry veterans with experience in developing, launching, and quickly growing brands— BeatBox Beverages is broadening its portfolio at a steady rate and seeing impressive gains. The white-wine based Boozy Punch comes in Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade, Blue Razzberry and Fresh Watermelon. Low calorie, low-sugar and gluten free, it is 11.1% ABV. It’s currently sold at over 3,000 U.S. locations, including 7-Eleven and Circle K.
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