Art Installation Created for blu Campaign

LED structure for blu e-cigs shines light on new campaign message.

As part of the Pledge World by blu campaign, artist Sebastian Errazuriz revealed his own pledge—”blu Marble.”

The art installation, a 20-foot LED structure, depicts a live stream of the Earth from space.

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The name blu Marble pays homage to “Blue Marble,” the iconic first image of Earth from space.

It will be on display 24/7 for one month on Ludlow Street in NYC.

blu, a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes, recently introduced a new global campaign, “Pledge World.”

The campaign seeks to fulfill the dreams of real consumers as they embark on a potentially life-changing journey—whether it’s overcoming a fear, chasing a dream or achieving a longtime goal.

Errazuriz’s installation was a longtime dream for the artist. He aims to provide a new perspective on our existence in hopes of helping humanity make positive change.

A team of Pledge World Panelists comprised of cultural adventurers, lifestyle philosophers, and thrill-seekers assess the pledges against the contest criteria to help select the top consumer pledges.

Winners are announced every two weeks and will get the chance to take on a personal challenge that could change their lives for good.

blu will be accepting entries for the Pledge World campaign through March 2019.