Alcoholic Beverage

Welcome to the Alcoholic Beverage page of CStore Decisions’ CStore Playbook, a new online reference series for convenience store retailers. Whether you have questions on beer, wine, hard seltzer or ready-to-drink cocktails, the resources below can help position your alcoholic beverage program for success. Created by CStore Decisions’ editorial team, this playbook features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as in-depth articles about mastering alcoholic beverage sales in a convenience store environment.

Erin Del Conte

Executive Editor, CSD

In the Beer Cave

How to Drive Beer Cave Traffic at C-Stores

Why Should I Add a Beer Cave to My C-Store?

How Do I Justify the Cost of a Beer Cave in My C-Store?

What Is NA Beer?

Adding a beer cave to your convenience store is just the first step. A quality selection, clean store and strategic promotion can make or break your beer sales.

Beer caves can help c-stores stand out as a destination for alcoholic beverage purchases.

A well-stocked, quality selection and attention to detail — like lighting, signage and promotion — can help drive traffic to your new beer cave.

NA beer doesn't contain alcohol, but can you have beer without the alcohol content?

Growing Sales

How to Drive Wine Sales at Convenience Stores

Should C-Stores Implement a Growler Beer Program?

How Can Independent C-Stores Improve Beer Sales?

Pandemic Boosts Beer & Wine Sales

With a strong variety, array of price points and careful merchandising, c-stores can boost wine sales.

C-stores need to weigh a series of questions before adding a growler program to their convenience store.

Promotion is key in reminding customers that your c-store is a destination for beer.

Beer and wine sales climbed at convenience stores during the pandemic.

Beyond Beer

What Is Hard Seltzer?

What Are RTD Cocktails?

Hard Seltzer, RTD Cocktail Sales Soar

Alcoholic Beverage Boom