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Welcome to the Alcoholic Beverage page of CStore Decisions’ CStore Playbook, a new online reference series for convenience store retailers. Whether you have questions on beer, wine, hard seltzer or ready-to-drink cocktails, the resources below can help position your alcoholic beverage program for success. Created by CStore Decisions’ editorial team, this playbook features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions as well as in-depth articles about mastering alcoholic beverage sales in a convenience store environment.

Erin Del Conte

Executive Editor, CSD

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In the Beer Cave

How To Improve Beer Cave Sales at C-Stores

Does My C-Store Need a Beer Cave?

Is a Beer Cave Worth the Cost?

Why Should I Stock Non-Alcoholic Beer at My C-Store?

A well-stocked and well-advertised beer cave can drive adult beverage sales at convenience stores.

Introducing a beer cave can help c-stores compete on beer and become a destination for beer-drinking customers.

Many c-stores today feature beer caves, but does the return on investment justify the cost?

New flavors and healthier trends are causing consumers to search for non-alcoholic beer offerings.

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Alcohol Management for Off-premise Retailers

Fintech Alcohol Management

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It's time to build a better alcohol business for your grocery, liquor or convenience store with Fintech, your one source to manage tour beverage alcohol business.

Growing Sales

How Can I Increase Wine Sales at My Convenience Store?

Beer Sales Balance Out

What Beer Trends Are Ahead in 2022?

Quality, Convenience Drive Beer and Wine Sales

Quality and online ordering are key considerations in 2022 for the beer and wine segment.

From stocking tetra packs to suggestive selling, small steps can help c-stores drive wine sales.

Beer sales have settled down after their mid-pandemic high, but retailers are strategizing ways to ride category excitement into Q1.

Experts predict 12-packs, super-premium beers and budget brands are expected to continue trending.

Beyond Beer

How Much Space Should I Devote to Wine in My C-Store?

RTD Cocktail, Hard Seltzer Consumers Thirsty for Novelty

Should I Add Spiked Slushies to My C-Store’s Frozen Dispensed Beverage Section?

Are RTD Cocktails Still Trending at C-Stores?

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